Tri-Axle & Quad-Axle Dump Trucks
• Late model tri-axle dump trucks
• Late model quad-axle dump trucks
These trucks haul asphalt, stone, dirt, wet batch concrete, etc. to and from constructions sites.

Tractors & Lowboys
• Day cab heavy haul tractors
• 55 ton RGN lowboy trailers
• 55 ton RGN beam trailer
• Landoll hydraulic step deck trailers
These trucks have the capability of transporting dozers, large excavators, wheel loaders and all types of machinery up to 160,000 lbs. gross. All company permitting and escorting provided.



Rollback Trucks
• Late model tandem rollback trucksThese trucks have a load capacity up to 22,000 lbs. and are utilized in transporting smaller equipment: skid
steer loaders, dozers, mini excavators and backhoes.

Whether your load is 1,000 lbs. or 100,000 lbs., Bagshaw Trucking is committed to excellence and safety in all your transportation needs.


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